M1R x Minicoshka: collection dedicated to animals and their right to belong to themselves.

The new collection "People Not Found" appeared due to the social character of the pussy founder of the brand Myroslava. The collection includes 10 items of clothing, accessories and carpets with a Minicoshka print.

Little story: “We met Minikoshka on the street, I took the kitten with me almost immediately. Two years have passed and today Mini feels like the director of Reitarska: she lives here, visits galleries, showrooms and cafes, wanders freely in the courtyards. Her world goes beyond my apartment, it's hard to accept the environment, so it happens that I get a call 10 times a day (on the Mini collar is my number), and I quickly calm everyone down. As I go about my business, so does she. "

The collection was created to draw attention to the needs and desires of animals, as well as thousands of cats waiting in shelters. Within its framework, qr-codes were posted in the city, which are sent to the page dedicated to the help of the Irina Dobrolyubova shelter (https://www.facebook.com/cats.shelter/). The shelter will also receive 10% of all sales of the collection.

Photographer: Daniil Lutiy, Ilmira Pulina
Model: Uliana, Mira, Serega, Lera, Anya, Minikoshka