MIR x Maryna Ashotovna: dance and clothing collab

MIR — is an emotional clothing brand, founded by Mira Shevchenko. Connection of illustrations and people, that inspire, form new clothing designs. This way, the limited line of items with Maryna Ashotovna — Kyiv-based — dancer was formed.

«I’m in a constant search for illustrations. I ended up at Maryna’s Instagram and thought, how she will look painted. Every single thing in her is organic, like she is the definition of the «dance».» — tells Mira.

It just happened. The result is 6 illustrations of Maryna’s different dancing poses that are now printed on clothing by Mira. Every piece was designed especially for comfort of dance. It is great for any movement and expressing yourself.

«Experiment for me is a feeling, that my body is unlimited in form, impulse and demonstration. Improvisation is always something exciting, for me it is like meditation. Unconscious, unpredictable movement and aftertaste of inspiration» — explains Maryna.

Limited collection can be purchased at m1r.com.ua and TSUM Kyiv
video: Zhabskiy Denis
illustration: Myroslava Shevchenko
photo: Ilmira Pulina & Anton Orehov