CLOSE FRIENDS collection reveals the theme of friendship and spiritual closeness between people. Each piece is the story of the relationship between the designer Mira Shevchenko and her close friends, who are her inspiration.

It is closeness that is the leitmotif that permeates every unit of the collection; therefore, materials are soft and pleasant to the body were chosen - fleece, knitwear, velor and cotton yarn. Most of the clothes are unisex as the main tool for blurring gender boundaries.

Another experiment included in the collection was knitwear - a pixel top, as well as vests and scarves. Special attention is paid to accessories. All jewelry is silver handmade flower rings, a tribal bracelet on the palm and an earring-kaf that runs along the contour of the ear.

The important elements of the collection are items created in collaborations, as an example of a special fusion of creative energies: a reversible corset with proizvodstvo cool, a large carpet with podnogami, a shelf with a mirror from custom objects, as well as candles with Аgni agni.

All prints talk about people: the photo is a film shot of Zhenya's friend, the eye is Boris looking at you, the tribles are a long-loved element of us - about Les and Kirill, flowers are about our sister Vlada and Ilmir. This is how each piece represents friendship and forms the M1R collection.

According to the designer, the main item of the collection was a fleece shirt with a photograph of the Carpathians, which creates a feeling of comfort and security.

Photographer: Anton Orehov, friends
Models: Daniil, Polina, friends