See the new summer CHESS collection

The number of units in the collection is equal to the number of chess pieces on the field by one player, namely 16. These are unisex suits with shirts and shorts, T-shirts and crop tops, women's bodysuits, maxi length dresses and hats - ladies and scarves.

Most things can be successfully combined into special chess combinations.

The most expressive element of the collection is a cotton scarf with a black and white print, which serves as an alternative to a multicellular board, and a mobile set of chess or checkers to choose from.

The figures are designed by the author from a light material that allows you to easily carry them with you to start the game anywhere and anytime.

The witty phrase "Sorry for the mat" embroidered on the back of the T-shirt reminds players that in the end it is more important than not who will be the winner, but the ability to reject the fear of defeat and enjoy the time spent together.

The lightness and playfulness of the CHESS collection is recorded in film photos of friends who immersed themselves in unrestrained summer adventures on the tops of the Carpathians.

The limited collection you can by here, in the showroom at Observatory 5 and in the Tsum Kyiv.